University of Maryland


STICK stands for Science and Technology Innovation Concept Knowledge-base, an interdisciplinary research project led by Drs. Ping Wang and Ben Shneiderman at the University of Maryland, College Park. STICK has two primary goals: (1) to build a collection of studies that examine the emergence and evolutions of science and technology innovations, and (2) to developa set of visual analytic tools for monitoring and understanding such emergence and evolution. The National Science Foundation’s Science of Science and Innovation Policy program generously supported this project with the grant SBE#0915645 in 2009-2013.

STICK Project Team

Founding Members of STICK

Founding Members of STICK: (from left) Xin Jin, Chia-jung Tsui, Pengyi Zhang, Chen Huang, Yan Qu, Cody Dunne, Ben Shneiderman, Puneet Sharma, and Ping Wang


  • Principal Investigator: Ping Wang
  • Co-Principal Investigator: Ben Shneiderman
  • Former Co-Principal Investigator: Yan Qu

Advisory Board

  • Douglas W. Oard
  • Gary W. Rubloff
  • Steven Salzberg
  • Lynne G. Zucker

Graduate Students

  • Cody Dunne, Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Chen Huang, Ph.D. candidate in Information Studies
  • Phillip Lo, Master of Information Management
  • William Monahan, Undergraduate Student in Computer Science
  • Puneet Sharma, M.S. in Computer Science
  • Jia Sun, Master of Information Management
  • Chia-jung Tsui, Ph.D. in Information Studies
  • Pengyi Zhang, Ph.D. in Information Studies